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Truck Accidents


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It’s hard to imagine much less live through. You’re in a passenger car and collide with a vehicle 20 times larger. At highway speeds, a collision with a semi truck or a 30-ton, 18-wheeler can have a devastating effect. Injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal, which can open the door to a wrongful death lawsuit.



At Hurt In Mississauga we aggressively go to work for our clients by examining the causes of 18-wheeler accidents to determine who is negligent and hold that party responsible. Our goal is nothing less than maximum compensation for our clients. Don’t delay.


We have experience handling cases involving accidents involving the following trucks:


– Tractor trailers

– 18-wheelers

– Big rigs

– Cement trucks

– Fire engines


On 401, you might see one of these behemoths in your rear-view mirror and not give much thought to the state of the driver. Has he been drinking? Is she overly fatigued? Is the person behind the wheel of the big rig properly trained? Is the trailer exceeding weight limits?


Any of these factors may contribute to a serious truck accident resulting in traumatic injuries or even death. Our lawyers examine any potential negligent factor in a truck accident to make sure our clients’ rights are fully protected.


While the Canadian government requires trucking companies to adhere to certain standards, some trucks on the highway might be from outside Canada. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows trucks from other countries to enter Canada. Unfortunately, some of these trucks are unsafe and put other motorists in danger.



Truck accident injuries can be devastating


Whether the truck accident involves an 18-wheeler or a dump truck, the passenger car is usually the smaller vehicle and often is damaged or destroyed. With such significant forces involved, injuries in tractor trailer accidents tend to be severe. In some cases, a wrongful death is the outcome of a collision involving a tractor-trailer and a passenger car.


If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call 1 (800) 793-3903 today to learn about your rights. A lawyer at Hurt In Mississauga can put legal skills and experience to work for you.


Our legal professionals can enlist proper resources and conduct a thorough investigation to determine liability.


The following records may be important in building a case for our clients:


– Driver’s background

– Driver’s history of accidents or moving violations

– Driver logs

– Fleet maintenance records

– Hiring/training/supervising practices of the company

Contact a Mississauga truck accident lawyer today

We leave no stone unturned in handling a truck accident personal injury case. Contact an attorney today to help you fight these giants. It’s time to start getting compensation for your losses. Call 1 (800) 793-3903 to learn about your rights. Act promptly. A delay may affect your rights.

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