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When an 18-wheeler truck accident occurs, serious injury or death is likely to occur. Each year there are thousands of accidents involving large trucks, including commercial box trucks and tractor-trailer combinations.

2019 data showed there was actually an increase in the number of fatal truck accidents.

Many attribute this to the current unsafe hours-of-service regulations and tired drivers. Even though tremendous strides have been made to make commercial trucks safer and to encourage safe driving, there is still a long way to go; catastrophic and even fatal accidents still occur every day in Ontario, and throughout Canada. Regardless of whether the victim is a professional truck driver or the occupant of a passenger vehicle, our Mississauga truck accident lawyers can help.

At Hurt in Mississauga, we know these cases can be complicated as they involve issues such as causation, multiple parties, and more. Truck carriers and insurance companies will do whatever it takes to keep from being held responsible. You need to fight aggressively for your rights. You need our firm. We take an aggressive approach to every case we handle. This means we research, investigate, and develop the case as if it is headed to trial. This helps give us a strong position at the negotiating table and allows us to be ready at a moment’s notice to head into court and advocate on behalf of our clients.

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Big rig accidents often result in catastrophic injuries for truck drivers and passenger vehicle occupants. We fight for 18-wheeler accident victims nationwide to recover the compensation they deserve.

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When dealing with 18-wheeler lawsuits, attorneys must be familiar with the rules and regulations that are used in the trucking industry. In order to gain compensation, chances are you will need to prove that there has been negligence in your accident. Most trucking lines have regulations about how long a trucker can drive for, how he must operate equipment, or the training and medical certifications that he is required to obtain before he can drive. There are also regulations on truck maintenance and equipment care.

With an attorney there to help you, you may need to prove the company did not maintain their vehicles or did not enforce proper requirements on their drivers.

You may be able to prove that you are victim to an act of negligence in cases where:

  • The truck was not properly loaded
  • The driver was overworked
  • The driver was not licensed
  • The driver was overly fatigued
  • The truck was not maintained
  • There was not proper documentation
  • The driver was distracted
  • The driver was inebriated

Trucking companies are allowed to destroy some evidence after a certain period of time, so you will want to make sure that this does not happen. Get started with your case today, and hire a Mississauga truck accident lawyer at Hurt in Mississauga to assist you.

How Truck Accident Cases Are Different


Your Truck Accident?

The most important stage in any trucking accident case is the initial research and investigation. This is when we compile evidence that demonstrates how your accident occurred and who is responsible for your injuries or the death of a family member. We work hard to sift through information that can be collected, including combing through logbooks and trucking company records and downloading data from electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) that are quickly becoming an industry standard.

The following may ultimately be responsible for your accident:

  • Truck Driver: Failing to conduct proper pre-trip inspections, driving too fast for conditions, making illegal or unsafe turns, failing to brake, driving drowsy, leaving loads unsecured, texting, using a cell phone behind the wheel, or driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs are all examples of reckless and negligent driving by big rig drivers.
  • Trucking Company: Carriers expose their truckers, other motorists, and pedestrians to the risk of injury by failing to adopt and execute adequate safety plans, encouraging drivers to engage in dangerous driving, or hiring drivers without conducting proper background checks. Trucking companies may also be liable for failing to inspect and maintain the rigs in their fleet, including outfitting them with safety and emergency equipment.
  • Truck Manufacturer: Even the safest trucker or fleet operator may be involved in a collision if the truck and its components are defective, including tires, brakes, gears, and lights.


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Your case will be subjected to a statute of limitations. In Mississauga to Mississauga , that is most often two years from the injury or when the injury could have been reasonably discovered. That being said, these change. You should not hesitate to reach out to our firm so that we can help you determine next steps.

Even if you think that you me be partially to blame for the crash, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation. We can review your case and fight for the financial compensation that you deserve.

This depends on the circumstances of the case. For example, you may be able to sue the driver themselves if they were drunk, the truck company if they failed to follow proper hiring practices, or even a manufacturer of a part was defective.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to recover compensation for value of a damaged vehicle, medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship, and more.


Truck Accident Victims

Your right to recover damages in a truck crash may be lost if you wait too long to pursue legal action. That’s why it’s important to contact the highly qualified trucking accident lawyers from Hurt in Mississauga today. If you have suffered a serious injury, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer who has the experience to properly investigate and handle your truck accident claim.

As truck accident investigation can be complex, you need a lawyer with the resources and the experience to thoroughly investigate and build a strong case to hold those who are responsible accountable. We have the experience you need and will fight to protect your legal rights.

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