Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter looks like it is finally here! Keep yourself safe on the roads by following these winter driving safety tips:

– Whether travelling a long distance or staying in town, give yourself lots of extra time. You don’t want to be rushed on slick, snow covered roads.

– Follow at a safe distance and break gently to avoid sliding.

– Always clear your windshield, lights and windows of snow and ice before heading out.

– Keep a brush and scraper in your trunk.

– Ensure the hood and roof of your car are free of snow. This will prevent blowing snow from effecting your visibility and the visibility of surrounding motorists.

– Keep your headlights on at all times to increase visibility.

– Check the weather report and travel conditions before hitting the roads.

– Top up your windshield wiper fluid and keep a spare container in the trunk.

– Keep an emergency kit on-hand, especially when travelling long distances. This should include a blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, candle in a deep can & matches, whistle, and a small non-perishable snack.

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