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What Is Xarelto?

Xarelto is a drug used for patients with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism to clear up their blood clots. Blood clots are often a side effect of hip or knee replacement surgeries. When a patient is found to have a blood clot after one of these surgeries, the doctor will likely prescribe a rivaroxaban, such as Xarelto, to clear out the clot. However, Xarelto has had a troubled past. Currently, there are a reported 370 people who have been killed as a result of talking Xarelto—and those are only the deaths that have been confirmed.

The negative side effects of Xarelto include the following:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding linked to blood thinner
  • Epidural and spinal blood clots
  • Complications post-surgery

Xarelto Posted Questionable Trial Data

The Xarelto drug underwent extensive research when it was put under the Xarelto Regulation of Coagulation in Orthopedic Surgery to Prevent Deep-Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism trial. During the trial, there was apparently a discarding of medical record and falsifications of the study. As the trial went on, the FDA realized the serious issues with the proceedings. They nominated that the trial be given the most severe clinical citation possible, which denoted the tests as needing “official action.” Due to this trial, the results of the study were named unreliable. However, other trials were conducted where nothing was thought to be out of the ordinary, and so the FDA allowed the drug’s circulation.

Xarelto Makers Were Forced to Add Black Box Warning Label

When Xarelto first came out in 2011, the drug had no black box designation. However, in 2014, an unnerving three years after its initial release, the makers of Xarelto were forced by the FDA to name Xarelto as a “black box” item, the gravest FDA mandate of its kind. In pharmaceuticals, a “black box” product is a medication that can cause serious injuries to its users. When a medication fits into this category, the FDA mandates that the medication’s packaging clearly state that its use can end in medical complications or fatality.

The worst aspect of this scenario is that Xarelto’s designation came after three years.
The clear problem with this issue is the fact that users took the medication for three years while not knowing that it could seriously harm or kill them. However, the less noticeable complication that the late designation caused is that the medication’s use became widespread before it was labeled as a “black box.”

At this point in time, an apparent 33 million people have been prescribed Xarelto.

You May Have a Lawsuit If Your Xarelto Is Causing Medical Complications

Thousands of lawsuits have developed due to Xarelto and its complications. Xarelto users are dealing with serious medical side-effects that they were unaware of. If you are using Xarelto and have been diagnosed with a side effect as a result, reach out to Hurt In Mississauga. Choosing a lawyer is just as important as deciding to pursue justice against the creators of Xarelto. Hurt In Mississauga won a $76.6 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutical for defective drugs in the past. Our ability to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable has been proven in the court of law, so why trust anybody else? Call (888) 793-3903 for a free consultation concerning your case.

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