COMPELLING EVIDENCEUsing State-of-the-Art Technology to Our Clients’ Benefit


Presenting Compelling Evidence

We represent clients in commercial disputes, property contamination, and catastrophic injury cases, including multi-level litigation cases. The details can be complex and difficult to comprehend for judges, juries, arbitration panels, and opposing counsel. That’s why the Hurt in Mississauga trial lawyers use state-of-the-art technology to present our cases in a compelling way. We’ve worked hard to compile evidence of our clients’ injuries and the impact on their lives. We want people to understand, retain that information and realize why our clients deserve compensation for their losses and damages.

Instead of relying solely on documents and testimony, our Mississauga law firm works with highly skilled forensic animators, computer experts, videographers, and other media professionals to produce:

  • Computer animation:
    We use measurements, maps, photographs, drawings, X-rays and input from witnesses and experts to create 3D computer animation that helps people visualize how an accident occurred, how a defective product harmed our clients, or how hydraulic fracturing contaminated their land.
  • Graphical timelines:
    Dates and times for important events in a case can be overlooked when they are simply read out loud in court. A graphical timeline helps judges, juries, and panels remember the chronological order of events.
  • Presentation graphics:
    Many of our cases involve complicated descriptions of traumatic brain injury, back and spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and paraplegia, amputations, and burns. A graphic can illustrate how the negligence of a person, professional, or company caused the injury and the extent of the impact on our client’s health.
  • Video depositions:
    We can incorporate background documents, highlight quotes, and use other graphic images that bring testimony to life and leave an impression on the courtroom audience. We’ve also made effective use of “day in the life” videos that demonstrate the often heavy burdens our clients face.

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Insurance companies know how effective our use of technology can be in the courtroom, and that’s why we are able to use this same technology to secure fair and full settlements for our clients at the negotiating table, including numerous million dollar recoveries. Clients know that when they choose to work with our firm, that they have a heavyweight in their corner who will go the distance to protect their legal rights. To learn more about how the experienced trial lawyers of Hurt in Mississauga use compelling evidence to obtain compensation for our clients and their families, call us today at (800) 793 – 3903 or use our online form.

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